The academic "Ledersprung" is THE couleur student event of the academic year in Leoben. It is known far beyond Leoben's borders and therefore attracts many visitors to our beautiful mining town every year. The Ledersprung is the traditional rite of passage into the mining profession or its "related" professions.

The two most important, traditional items of clothing are the Bergkittel (miner's scmock) and the Biberstollen.

The "Bierauszug" (beer procession) is the final traditional event of the academic year in Leoben. It always takes place at the end of June, close to the last academic ceremony.

Upon completion of their studies, corporate students enter the status of "Old Lords", also known as philistinism. This transition takes place at the ceremonial philistration, which is also celebrated by non-corporates.

In Leoben there are twelve bonds, called corporations, at the university level.
It is advantageous to know the fraternities in Leoben, because they still contribute a large part to the active life of the montanistic traditions in Leoben.
The majority of all twelve connections wear ribbons (Band) with the respective bond colors and a colored cap (Deckel). This is called Couleur.


The fraternities in Leoben are divided into several factions, which are explained below:

The Corps:
 Akad. Corps Schacht
 Akad. corps Montania
 Akad. Corps Erz

The Leoben fraternities:
 Leobener Akad. Burschenschaft Cruxia
 Leobener Akad. Burschenschaft Leder

The Association of German Students:
 VDSt Leoben (not wearing colors).

The Catholic Austrian Student Fraternities:
 K.Ö.St.V. Glückauf-Leoben
 K.Ö.St.V. Kristall

The Sudeten German Landsmannschaft:
 Sudetendeutsche akad. Landsmannschaft Zornstein

The academic gymnastics club:
 ATV Leoben (color leading)


The academic ladies' association:
 ADV Barbara

The Christian Austrian sorority:
 C.Ö.St.V. Liupina


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