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According to the 2016 student social survey, almost half of the students surveyed stated that they suffered from psychological pressure, stress or other impairments during their studies. We are aware that many of our students are under heavy strain during the course of their studies and therefore see it as our responsibility to offer help to students in problematic and crisis situations in order to prevent potentially serious consequences in advance.

We have therefore decided to offer psychological counseling for students in Leoben. Together with cooperating psychologists and psychological institutions, the aim is to enable students to obtain inexpensive psychological help.

If you are interested in a first counseling unit, you can simply contact one of the psychologists listed below and make an appointment with reference to the psychological counseling for students of the ÖH Leoben.

How does the payment / refund for psychological counseling work?

Those taking part in our project offer you advice at € 60 per unit. These costs are initially paid by the student himself. Afterwards, the fee note can be submitted with the application for a refund of the costs here and will then be reimbursed by the ÖH. Refunds can only be requested within four months of the date of issue.

Basically 5 units are funded by the ÖH. We will finance the first unit completely, for the other four units you only have a deductible of € 20. One year after the first session, you can take advantage of the funding again.

If you find yourself in social or financial difficulties, you can also apply for full reimbursement of the costs or support for three additional units . If you are unable to bear the costs of the psychological counseling yourself in acute financial emergency situations, there is also the possibility that we will provide you with the money for the respective unit in advance. Contact the social department directly about this. 


  • The form can be found here.

Participating psychologists

DI Nadja Koch, Dipl. Mental- und Resilienztrainerin, Systemische Coach

Nadja Koch

Focus: Be successful and live with more ease, achieve goals, increase motivation, remove mental blockages and self-sabotage, master life with mental techniques, positive psychology, focus on solutions, overcome crises and problems, increase mindfulness, self-esteem and self-efficacy with resilience, psychological resistance to be happier and more satisfied in life Concrete application situations: Learn in an easy way, master exams and pressure, overcome challenges and crises, increase motivation, master decisions, manage stress, self-organization, preparation for challenges in studies and / or in your professional career Confident and effective solution for all study and professional related topics! Target group: Students and adults who want to master challenges successfully and who want to go through life with more ease Languages: German, English Training online or in Leoben/Graz possible



David Kalcher

Focus: High sensitivity, stress management, exam preparation, burnout, anxiety, depression, life crises, stress reactions to serious events, pain, psychosomatic complaints, physical complaints without sufficient medical explanation, chronic illnesses, grief work - grief counseling, psychooncology (psychological counseling and therapy for cancer patients and relatives), relaxation and imaginative techniques, mindfulness training, breathing techniques, self-awareness, personality development, coaching, supervision


Sarah Deutschmann MSc.

thumbnail image0 1

Focus: Strengthening self-esteem, dealing with stress and challenging situations, anxiety, depression, burn-out, life crises, orientation, family conflicts, learning strategies


Mag. Friedrich Strempfl

Mag Friedrich Strempfl 2

Focus: Strengthening of self-esteem, dealing with stress, self-discovery, orientation in life, fears, depressions, life crises, family conflicts, partnership problems, learning strategies, accompaniment in difficult life crises, schizophrenia, bipolarity, sexual orientations and much more.



buder neu

Focus: Anxiety, psychosomatics, time and resource management, resilience (personal resistance), sleep disorders, self-management professionally and privately.


 DI (FH) Sandra Peruzzi


Focus: Counseling and support in challenging life situations (performance pressure, excessive demands, self-esteem issues, self-discovery, orientation, crises, etc.). Therapy of anxiety, depression, burn-out, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, addictions, psychosomatic complaints, etc.




Focus: self-organization, time-management, work-life-balance, motivation, excessive demand, handling of stress and difficult situations, conflict management, self-experience/self-perception, Technik of presentation, help by an application for a job, decision making, area of responsibility, different social roles., Consulting in German, Polish und English


Thomas Diebald

ThomasDiebald 1

Focus: Personality development, coming out, anxiety disorder, exhaustion, Covid-19 stress, adjustment disorder, depression, emotional disturbance, developmental disorders, personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, somatoform disorder, social behavior disorder



SophiaLeithold Portrait c Florian Summer

Focus: Self-worth, mental stability and resilience; motivation, perspective, options, life-planning. Coping with stress, work-overload, fears, depression, insecurities, crisis, challenging situations (concerning areas like university, relationships, family, work) and traumatic experiences.


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