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Areas of responsibility of the chairmanship of the ÖH Leoben

The chairmanship team has the task of representing the interests of all students at our university, as well as leading the "ÖH Leoben". In order to explain this task, which sounds rather opaque in theory, we will go into more detail about our daily work and activities below:

 OH Vorsitz und Referate

Head of the student body:

Like any other functioning service company, the "ÖH Leoben" needs people who are externally responsible for everything. These are us - the members of the chairmanship team.

In addition, we coordinate the various presentations in weekly meetings so that new projects and ideas can be implemented together.

We are also the first point of contact for all students. If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, but also suggestions for improvement, we are always ready to listen to you. So just write us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), use our digital suggestion box or speak to us directly if we run into each other!


Internal representation:

We are invited to all meetings of the decision-making bodies in the university in order to represent the opinions of the students. These are on the one hand the university council, the quasi-supervisory board of the university, but also the senate, our most important collegial body at the university. Supported by other members of the Senate from the student curia, topics on general university development are discussed in the Senate, members are nominated for appointment committees and habilitation commissions, many sometimes unpleasant questions are asked and discussions are stimulated.

Since meetings alone are not everything, it also falls within our area of ​​responsibility to negotiate and clarify with the university's "service organizations", in the special case with the ICT and Digitalisation (former Central IT Service (ZID)) and the building services

which infrastructure is particularly needed by you, and where and how we can implement it.

When implementing projects, it is always necessary to consult with the various staff units at our university.

In addition, we are in constant contact with the rectorate and the dean of studies in order to be able to respond quickly to specific problems and concerns and to make the interface between teachers and students as good as possible.


External representation:

In addition to the internal representation tasks that fall on us, we also have the task of representing the students of our university to our umbrella organization, the Federal Representation, with a strong voice so that the ladies and gentlemen in Vienna do not forget that Leoben is a small, but it is by no means unimportant university.

We are also represented in the chairperson's conference, a second body that operates at the federal level and coordinates the processes of all university representations, i.e. the "local" ÖHs, and common concerns and problems of the federal representation,

as well as approaching the ministry directly. In this way, we are also in constant contact with other ÖHs in order to create synergies and learn from each other.


We also represent the students of our alma mater in politics and society. Be it the cooperation with the community regarding main residence subsidies or, for example, the cooperation with the Chamber of Labor, we ensure that we are also noticed from outside.

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