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Here you can find all results of the ÖH election 2023:


Here you will find ongoing information about the upcoming ÖH election in May 2023.


The elections of the Austrian Student Union take place every two years - and this year it's that time again. From 9 to 11 May, you can elect your student representative, university representative and federal representative. All important information and dates can be found in the following article.


All students whose ÖH fee has been received by 21.03.2023 are eligible to vote (note the transfer deadline, the amount must have arrived at the university's account). From 30 March to 4 April you have the opportunity to inspect the electoral roll if you are not sure whether you are allowed to vote. Complaints regarding the electoral roll should be made in writing to the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission.



The election at our university will take place from 9 - 11 May 2023. From 22 March to 2 May you can apply for a postal voting card at this link ( Only the federal representation or university representation can be elected by postal vote.



  • Student Representation (STV)

The STV is the representation for your specific field of study. It is the direct contact person for study-specific questions and makes contact with the respective institutes and chairs. The student representatives are elected directly by personal vote.

If you are interested in becoming a student representative for your field of study, please contact your respective STV or us - your ÖH Leoben - and we will explain to you how you can get involved and run for office.

  • University representation (HV)

For the university representation you can vote for the local fractions here in Leoben. The university representation consists of nine mandataries, who are delegated by the different parliamentary groups. They elect the ÖH presidency team as well as the speakers. Other tasks of the AGM include dealing with motions on behalf of the students and sending people to the university's collegial bodies, such as the Senate.

  • Federal Representation (BV)

The Federal Representation represents all students throughout Austria vis-à-vis the government. For this purpose, students are delegated to working groups of the Ministry of Education, statements on laws are drafted and much more. It is made up of 55 mandataries, who are also delegated by the parliamentary groups represented nationwide.



  • Polling station at the university

From 9 May to 11 May you can cast your vote at the polling station at the university. You can get your voting card directly at the polling station. For the federal and university representatives, you can vote for groups that propose a list. The student representatives are elected directly.

You need to bring an officially valid photo ID and a biro.

More information on the exact procedure will follow, but the basic election procedure is as follows: You identify yourself to the election assessors with your photo ID. You will then be given three ballot papers (one each for the federal, university and student representatives) and an envelope, and go to the voting booth. You place your crosses, put all three ballot papers in the envelope and throw it into the ballot box.

  • Postal voting

You can apply for your absentee ballot card between 22 March and 2 May. Only the university representatives and the federal representatives can be elected by postal vote. The student representatives can NOT be elected by postal vote. If you have voted by postal vote, you will not be able to vote at the polling station at the university. For this reason, we only recommend postal voting to those who really cannot go to the polls in Leoben. The completed voting card must be returned to the Federal Representation by 10 May at the latest.

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