Upon completion of their studies, corporate students enter the status of "Old Lords", also known as philistinism. This transition takes place at the ceremonial philistration, which is also celebrated by non-corporates.

Philistration begins with the formation of a procession: the chargés (=corporates in "gala uniform") walk in front, followed by a horse-drawn carriage on which the philistine sits, along with a few crates of beer. Behind them follows the torchlight procession of the brothers, friends and family members.


Singing, they march through the city to the university, where they line up on the ramp. The Philistine shield, a heavy wooden shield decorated with coats of arms, is displayed at the main entrance to the university. The philistine sits down with his back to the sign on the shoulders of two people who are very close to him. He is now asked how many semesters he has studied. He is then pushed against the shield once for each semester. The Korona (= the assembled festive congregation) counts aloud, it also happens that they "miscount" and the philistine is pushed a little more often. Afterwards, the latter empties a glass of beer and lets it shatter.


The procession forms up again and moves to the miner's fountain on the main square. There the philistine climbs onto the fountain and gives a speech. He then kisses the statue of St Barbara in the middle of the fountain. The ceremony continues in the fraternity house or in a pub.

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