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The Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase (STEOP) is a component of every Bachelor's program at the University of Leoben. This is required by the University Law and is intended to help you decide whether you have chosen the right study program for you. It therefore makes sense to complete it as soon as possible. The contents are chosen in such a way that you should be able to pass the exams with a little effort.

So, as the name suggests, the STEOP is meant to help with orientation. In Leoben, the STEOP consists of the following two courses since the winter semester 2022:

Introduction to STEM subjects (8 ECTS)

The term STEM stands for subjects from science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Accordingly, this course consists of different parts, which are also held by different lecturers:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mechanics

For each subject there are lecture units together with all students (no compulsory attendance) and exercise units in small groups (compulsory attendance). In the practice units, the theoretical knowledge from the lectures is to be applied practically.

The introductory phase lasts 6 weeks, after which there is a final exam in each subject.

Transferable Skills (2 ECTS)

The second subject of the STEOP is about acquiring basic competencies for life at the university. In the main part of the course you visit one of the chairs at the Montauniversität and deal with your own expectations for your studies.

In addition, you will choose 2 subjects from the following options:

  • Public Speaking 
  • Presenting & Visualizing 
  • Self-Organization
  • Ethics 
  • Excel 

The course is completed without an exam by handing in a learning portfolio and fulfilling the attendance requirement.

Why complete STEOP?

The STEOP under the current model, if all goes according to plan, should be completed after the first 6 weeks of study. However, there are at least 2 chances to complete in each semester, whether summer or winter term.

However, the STEOP should be completed as soon as possible, because only then you "unlock" the whole study program for yourself. Before that, you are only allowed to complete 22 ECTS from other subjects and you are not allowed to start with the bachelor thesis.

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