StEOP - introductory and orientation phase

The introductory phase serves as orientation and information for the first-year students about the particularly typical subjects of an engineering degree. It is anchored in all bachelor programs at the Montanuniversität Leoben and primarily includes courses from mathematics, chemistry, physics and mechanics.

An important part of the StEOP is the orientation event "Introduction to the mining sciences". It takes place once a week in the winter semester and provides general information about the Montan University, possible advice centers, funding opportunities and learning techniques. Furthermore, one field of study is presented per unit. This gives first-semester students a well-founded insight into all of the studies at the Montan University.

At the Montan University Leoben, the implementation of the StEOP is planned as follows:

  1. The students have to complete the orientation event "Introduction to the Montanic Sciences" as well as two other courses. You can choose from four possible subjects.
  2. Examinations within the StEOP can be repeated four times (5 examination attempts).
  3. Until the course and orientation events of the StEOP have been successfully completed, further courses from the 1st year of study up to a workload of 22 ECTS can be completed.

Please note: For all those who begin their studies in the summer semester, other compulsory subjects apply as the introductory and orientation phase.

Have I already passed the StEOP?

Have you passed 2 exams from the 1st semester (from Mathematics 1, Chemistry 1A, Physics 1A) and passed the "Introduction to the Mining Sciences"?

Then you have the StEOP behind you. Congratulations!

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