Mobile phone and internet offers


educom - the tariff exclusively for students:

The educom VAMOS OLÉ smartphone tariff offers the following advantages in addition to the low price of € 9.99:

  • LTE with up to 100 Mbit / s in the A1 Telekom network
  • 15 GB of data and 2,000 units (minutes / SMS)
  • Accumulate up to 45 GB with portability
  • 4.8 GB EU data roaming
  • No registration fee and no binding contract and no service fee or other hidden costs
  • Free number portability
  • Easy online contract registration
  • 10 € starting bonus under the following link.

In addition to the VAMOS OLÉ tariff, there is also the MUCHOS OLÉ - the mobile phone tariff for frequent surfers with 30 GB and unlimited units (minutes / SMS) for € 13.99.

And the two data tariffs with unlimited data download: DATOS (download up to 50 Mbit / s) and DATOS + (download up to 80 Mbit / s).

The BEST: Every educom user can send invitations to friends. For each successful invite, both the referred friend and the advertiser receive 1000 educoins. These educoins can be exchanged for 10 € credits on the next educom bill (thus for free months) or used as a shopping voucher on 1000 educoins = 10 € educom invoice credit OR 10 € shopping voucher for


Cell phone repairs of all kinds. Your exact services here at a glance:

  • Instant cell phone repairs
  • Unlock phone
  • Data rescue and data transfer
  • Micro soldering circuit board
  • Free advice


As a student at the Montan University you get a 12% discount on all cell phone repairs and accessories. The discount code is "OEH4U1840G" and is valid with ID or approval at the Montan University.

We hope there is a suitable offer for you.


Glück Auf!