Here we list the scholarships currently on offer that may be of relevance to you. Please do not hesitate to apply! Some scholarships are not fully exploited due to a lack of applications. Here is a little help in finding your way through the scholarship jungle:


State funding not only includes granting study grants for studies in Germany, but also supports studies abroad. There is also the possibility of receiving various grants.

For people who have already been working for a long time before starting their studies and who have maintained themselves, there is a so-called self-support grant. Students who have previously worked alongside their studies and would like to give up their work temporarily in order to devote themselves entirely to their degree can apply for an ESF graduation grant.

There are also numerous regulations for students with children that are intended to make it easier to finance a degree.

Student grant recipients also have the opportunity to take advantage of other funding measures (e.g. travel allowances, insurance contributions or study support).

Furthermore, we would like to refer to the study and social law WIKI of the Federal ÖH, where you can find out about all types of social grants and much more.


For talented students of the Montanuniversität Leoben various performance grants are awarded by the friendly industry and sponsors of the university.


These grants are particularly interesting for doctoral students, researchers and diploma students


Here, budding scientists can find various funding opportunities for their projects, as well as grants to promote international mobility and scientific work.

Many prizes are also listed at


Performance scholarships are also awarded at the Montan University. The application must be submitted to the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics. In addition, scholarships for master's and doctoral theses are awarded


Guideline of the Rectorate of the Montanuniversität Leoben

Amendment of the policy

You can find the form here!


You can find a very extensive collection of scholarships abroad and a great scholarship database at

WWW.EUROPEAN-FUNDING-GUIDE.EU helps students in all courses, in all semesters and in 16 European countries. With just a few clicks, we show every student, free of charge, which scholarships and other funding offers from a database with more than 12,000 programs and a total value of 27 billion euros exactly match their own résumé. More than 500 scholarship programs come from Austria. This is made possible by a matching process that automatically compares the user's profile with the stored foundation profiles and suggests the programs that really fit their own résumé. European Funding Guide includes, inter alia Programs to finance the cost of living, a semester abroad, internships (abroad), a language course abroad or to finance research stays.


The Marshall Plan Jubilee Foundation awards scholarships to students at the Montan University who do research or study at a U.S. Want to graduate from a partner university. Projects by students in the final phase of their studies (bachelor, master, doctoral thesis) are preferred. The Montan University makes the selection of projects and students. The scholarship is awarded for a stay of 3 - 5 months and ranges between € 3000 and € 10,000 depending on the duration and requirements of the study / research program. Nominated candidates receive a "study contract" from the foundation with which 80% of the total amount is transferred to the students in advance and the remaining 20% ​​are paid out after the university has confirmed the success. A research report or a transcript and a confirmation of the actual length of stay must be submitted after the end of the stay. Applications can be submitted to the International Relations organizational unit. Submission deadlines are October 1st and March 1st. The recommendation of a professor and a confirmation of admission or supervision from the partner university must be enclosed with the application form. Proof of adequate health and accident insurance, including repatriation and repatriation guarantee, as well as adequate liability insurance must also be provided before the start of the stay abroad. The application form can be found on the MUL website under Info for domestic students, Forms for semesters abroad. You can find more information here!


The OMV scholarship for the Petroleum Engineering Master’s program supports students by covering all study and living costs including a laptop, an exclusive internship and support from an OMV mentor - no repayment obligations. You can find more information here.


The General Funding and Foundation Administration department awards scholarships from six foundations (General Scholarship Foundation Lower Austria, Michael von Zoller Foundation, Windhag Scholarship Foundation for Lower Austria, Josef Haydn Foundation, Prof. Anton Bauer Scholarship Foundation, Rosalia Czech Scholarship Foundation) to schoolchildren and students . Most of the grants are awarded by the three foundations Allgemeine Stipendienstiftung Niederösterreich, Michael von Zoller-Stiftung and Windhag-Stipendienstiftung für Niederösterreich, because the remaining three foundations are small foundations with little financial means. This is intended to support pupils and students in their training. Only one scholarship per pupil is granted per school year or academic year.

Applicants must:

  • be regular pupils or students,
  • be needy
  • Attend Austrian public or public higher schools with a secondary school leaving certificate, universities of teacher education, the university for agricultural and environmental education, (private) universities, the Leoben University of Applied Sciences, universities of applied sciences or music conservatories,
  • started attending school or studying before the age of 35,
  • have achieved good school / university results,
  • have Austrian citizenship,
  • have their main residence in (Lower) Austria, (South) Tyrol at the time of birth or Vienna.

The submission deadline begins on September 1st and ends on May 15th of the current school or academic year.

The exact requirements for the scholarships can be found on the homepage of the State of Lower Austria here!


Lateral thinker scholarships

It is not just good grades that determine personal and professional success. From our point of view, people achieve a lot more by thinking outside the box and thus leaving the beaten path. There are numerous examples of this (including Steve Jobs, Gottlieb Daimler). There are some scholarships for top performance. Lateral thinkers don't always have the best grades and so fall through the cracks. That is why we want to support them in particular. As the first QUERDENKER scholarships, we are awarding 7 partial scholarships with a total value of € 5,000 for internships abroad, language trips and work on the topic of German language to schoolchildren, students, trainees and adults who are willing to continue training, and we are looking for suitable applicants. Further scholarships will follow.

More information can be found here.


SYMPTOMA, the search engine for diseases, annually awards scholarships to students who work on the side to finance their tuition fees and other expenses. As one of the few scholarships, it is suitable for students from all over the world. The application process takes place online at


Every year Bomedus awards grants to students who successfully master their studies despite the pain. To go on one's way in spite of this pain, to look positively into the future and to try the best possible with this pain or this illness, this is what Bomedus would like to support. The application process takes place online at


We are an impact investment fund that invests exclusively in people and not in stocks or bonds like other funds. We believe in your potential, your ambition and your success, because we focus on YOU. We give strong personalities the opportunity to realize their dreams. No matter what ups or downs this path to success brings with it, we, the Fund of Excellence, will accompany you and are your partner. Attention: This is not a grant! More information:


netidee annually awards scholarships to students in Austrian fields of study for their final theses on the subject of the Internet (for diploma and master theses € 5,000, dissertations € 10,000). With the funding in your pocket, you can concentrate fully on your diploma, master's or doctoral thesis!

Application form at

Coupons Plus Deals

annually $3000 will be granted for students all around the world. The deadline for applications is December 31. You can find more information about the scholarship, requirements and the deadline here: