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Who can help me if I can not solve a problem with the printer despite guidance and help on the internet?
Ask for Help at the the Front Office of the Student Union.

The paper printed of the printer was unfortunately flawed even though the document was executed correctly in order and printing. Can I get my money back?
If it is a larger amount and definitely not a faulty operation, yes! Please contact the Front Office at the ÖH.

I've got a new or additional Quick Card. Can I use both cards?
In principle yes, but you can only tie one card to your Student Account.

I have sent multiple print orders. How can I identify the orders on the printer?
Print orders are ranked by the time they arrived at the printer, on the display from top(oldest) to bottom(latest). The latest order is at the bottom of the list. In principle, print orders should also be recognizable by their name, however, under Linux or depending on the application from which it comes from this feature is not always available.

How long will my Print orders stay  in the queue?
After a verification, of the printout, the job is immediately deleted from the queue.

I have selected a job on the printer and still can not print it.?
Perhaps your balance on the Quick Card doesn’t cover to complete the print job (red X).

I sent a B / W document to the printer it is, however, displayed and calculated as a color document?
Unfortunately, the automatic color detection only works with the UFR II or PCL driver, but even with these not 100%. To be safe, always explicitly choose Colour or B / W in advance  or put up your own profile.

I have successfully sent away a print job from my notebook to the printer but it is not visible?
If  you have the printer connected via LPD and your login name does not match with the user name of your student account, the print job can not be allocated.

I have scanned a document on a USB stick at the MFP and can no longer read my USB stick to the PC.?
Probably you had your USB stick withdrawn too early during the storage process at the MFP. In this case, the file system may have been damaged and you have to format the stick. (FAT32)

The storage of large scanned documents is causing problems?
Due to a limitation of scanned documents are saved only with a maximum size of 15MB on USB stick. However, if you instead select the variant mail shipping, this restriction is not given. In this case, you can immediately log out after the scanning process, the mail sending is then finished in the background.

Although I have already committed my Quick Card on my account, the MFP has not recognized it again?
This can occur in rare cases. Just bind your card again to your account

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