Main residence subsidy of the city of Leoben

In cooperation with the ÖH Leoben, the city of Leoben offers all students of the Montanuniversity with their main residence in Leoben a service that is unique in Austria. The main residence subsidy of € 250 in the first year or € 100 in each subsequent year (paid out in Leoben vouchers)! This funding applies to all those who have established or kept their main residence in Leoben. This promotion also applies to those born in Leoben.

You have not yet applied for this grant and registered your main residence in Leoben and would like to apply for this grant?

  1. fill out this application (the application is also available at the ÖH)
  2. Print out the confirmation of enrollment from the MU-Online
  3. Step: Submit the completed application and confirmation of enrollment to the town hall
  4. Step: After the city of Leoben has checked all applications, you will receive information in November as to when and where you can pick up your vouchers!

Have you already received the main residence subsidy last year and would like to apply for the payment of the € 100?

No new application is necessary for further granting! The city of Leoben, in cooperation with the ÖH Leoben, will check whether you are still eligible for funding. If you are still eligible (test criteria: student at the MUL and main residence in Leoben) you will receive a notification when and where you can pick up the vouchers.

It is important that you submit your form by October 31. arrived at the town hall and your tuition fee is paid.