University Starters

How to enroll |  Fill out the green map & hand it in

First, you must fill in your personal data at:

After that, you can come to the enrolling office to pick up your green map. After filling in the required data, you can hand in the green map together with your passport and your graduation papers, which allow you to enroll at the university. If you already have at one point been enrolled at a different university, you have to bring your documents (leaving certificate and study sheet transcript) from there, too.


ÖH-fee and unlocking your MU-Online Account

After successfully enrolling at the university, you get a student ID, a credit slip and short walkthrough printed on paper, explaining how to activate your MU-Online Account.

  1. Transfer the money to the account of the ÖH via the credit slip
  2. After paying, you are able to unlock your account with the code (PIN) and the name given to you on your personal walkthrough at:
  3. After that, you have to come to the enrolling office and get an expiration date printed on your student ID to make it valid.