On November 13th, the voestalpine AG will host a series of events called #voestalpinetalks under the heading “Impulses that will take you further” in cooperation with the student representatives of the Montanuniversität Leoben. Coach for executive managers, Mr. Peter Zulehner and HR manager Max Stelzer will be there as guests.

The third part of the series of cooperation will be about efficient strategies to handle changes, taking place on November 13th 2017. The event under the heading “What can be learned from a coach for top – executive managers” will give you a wide outlook, ranging from the ability of handling decisions, which you didn’t make yourself, to effective communication in your everyday life.

Many interesting insights into the voestalpine AG and a presentation by Peter Zulehner.

As a coach of the voestalpine executive- manager development programme, called the value:program, he supports their managers with his expertise. Corporate HR- manager Max Stelzer will inform you about news from the voestalpine company and will provide you with precious insights into the value:program. After the presentation, we want to invite you for snacks and refreshments and we are looking forward to your questions.

At 6 pm, Students and participants of the event will have the chance to talk to HR-representatives and MU- Leoben graduates, who are now active as voestalpine employees at the Erzherzog-Johann-auditorium. Additionally, they will be able to ask questions about career opportunities.

Register today & win 2 x 2 tickets for the racing- highlight in Spielberg!

Voestalpine gives away 2 x 2 tickets for the racing weekend in July 2018 at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg with seats on the Red-Bull- stand, exclusively for students of MU-Leoben and participants of #voestalpinetalks. Register now and win!

Amongst all owners of the #voestalpinetalks-tickets (which have to be picked up at the ÖH – office in Leoben before the event), the tickets for the Red-Bull event will be given away on stage during the evening of the #voestalpinetalks. Do not throw away the ticket in any case! To the conditions of participation!