For only 9,99€ per month the smartphone rate educom VAMOS offers the following features:

  • LTE up to 50 Mbit / s in the network of A1 Telekom
  • 5GB Data and 500 Units (Minutes / SMS) included, so you are paying for data not minutes.
  • No registration fee, no contract commitment, no service fee or other hidden costs.
  • Number porting is free of charge
  • Easy online application
  • 20€ voucher using the following link ÖH Leoben educom

There is also a Data only rate, which offers unlimited Data volume (21 Mbit/sek) available with the name DATOS. Go here for more information.

Hold on, there is more: Every educom user can send invitations. For each successful invitation you and your friend will get 1000 educoins.  
These educoins can be used to get 10€ for your next bill as a coupon. So one month would be free of charge, or you could use it as a shopping coupon on the homepage. To sum it up, 1000 educoins = 10€ educom bill bonus, OR 10€ shopping bonus for