Chairman: ZIDAR David

Deputy: MOSER Christian
Deputy: EIGRUBER Paul

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We understand ourselves as a link between students and teaching staff of the University of Leoben. This includes mainly to have open ears for problems that are brought to us by students. Our challenging task is then to find solutions that satisfy all parties .

The participation on the further development of our study is close to our hearts. As in the near future again major changes in the curriculum will occur the work in the Curriculum Commission will be taken very seriously.

In order to promote cohesion between Leoben polymer technicians we host the winter semester, the " Kometogether " in the hall for injectionmolding of the Centre for Plastics Technology and a suckling in the summer semester, which have for years a meeting place for students, but also for exchange between teaching stuff and students.

While studying polymer technology safety shoes safety level S3 are required to complete internships at the Bachelor’s degree as well as at the Master’s degree. For this investment 20 euros can be reimbursed by the study represenntation.

Since the exam to elastomer technology must be taken at the company Semperit the study representation grants a travelling allowance of 15 euros.

In addition, the study representation Polymer Technology jointly organizes numerous activities and events with the Association Leobener Polymer Engineers ( ).