The Austrian official representation of university students is the juridical stakeholder of all students in Austria. It is an incorporation of public law and every Austrian student is obliged to be a member. ÖH is financed by member fees and the funds of the BMWFW and the universities, which are deployed by law.

The three layers of representation at ÖH

1) ÖH federal representation
The ÖH federal representation is the representation of students regarding the government and other organizations throughout Austria. It is composed of 55 mandataries, who elect the chairperson and the consultants of the ÖH federal representation. The ÖH federal representation is voted once every two years within the frame of the ÖH elections via a listed election.
Further information can be accessed at the homepage of the ÖH federal representation.

2) University representation (ÖH Leoben)

The university representation (UV) is the representative of students within the Mining University of Leoben. It is composed of 9 mandataries. The mandataries vote for three chairpersons and consultants of the Leoben university representation. The additional tasks of UV include the handling of requests in terms of the students, decisions regarding the annual estimate, the annual closure and singular projects that exceed a certain financial frame and the dispatch of persons to collegial entities at university (members of the senate, the curriculum commission etc. Please find additional information regarding this topic at the tab “Things to know”/”Structure of the university”).
The consultants and the study representatives of the university representation are obliged to report.
Each semester, there are at least two conferences held by UV. These are publically accessible. The university representation is the owner of a special statute. This statute includes the organizational procedure of these conferences and of the individual departments (read more at the tab ÖH Leoben/university representation).
The team of the chairmanship is not only responsible for managing UV, but most importantly for the management of the entire entity of the official representation of Austrian students (ÖH) with its 10 departments. Further information regarding this can be found at ÖH Leoben/departments.

3) Representation of fields of studies
The representation of fields of studies is the representation of students within their own field of study. Depending on the individual size of the graduate program, it consists of either 3 or 5 members, each of them is elected directly. Their core tasks include the representation of students in their field of study, the respective area of the specialized field and the speakers in certain lectures.
They are your direct persons to contact if you have any problems within your studies! The student members of the curriculum-, appointments- and habilitation committee are dispatched based on the suggestion of the study representatives by the UV. In addition, they create a solid coherence within their own field of study and regularly organize presentations and regulars tables with the members of their respective field of study. Details regarding the representation of fields of studies (STV) can be accessed via ÖH Leoben/representatives of fields of studies

ÖH elections
Once every two years, the ÖH elections take place. Eligible are all students who have paid their ÖH fee duly and in time. The ÖH federal representatives, the university representatives and representatives of fields of studies are elected there. For the ÖH federal representatives and the UV, it is possible to vote for factions, the chairpersons of the representatives of fields of studies are elected directly.
The next ÖH elections will take place in Mai 2019.