Guidelines for Tuition fees grant due to a prolonged effective time for studies related to the COVID-19-pandemic

Tuition fees grant due to a prolonged effective time for studies related to the COVID-19-pandemic


ÖH of Leoben University of Mining is organizing a fond for the partial or complete grant of tuition fees due to a prolonged effective time for studies related to the COVID-19-pandemic. Financing will be supported by the rectorate of MU Leoben. Submissions may be handed in either for the summer term 2020 or the winter term 2020/21.

General prerequisites

§ 1.

The general prerequisites are met if the person submitting the request fulfills the following key points:  

  • is a due student of Leoben University of Mining.
  • held up during summer term 2020 and/or winter term 2020/21 a registration for studies at Leoben University of Mining, was not granted leave and obliged to pay tuition fees.
  • There was no reason for decree or recompense of tution fees in the semester of the submission of the request iSd § 92 UG 2002 or an enactment concerning this matter hosted by the rectorate (for example the reimbursment of tuition fees during activity at ÖH).
  • During the semester in which the grant was requested, no final degree scholarship for gainfully employed students was received.
  • produces a favorable academic performance
  1. favorable academic performance exists if:
  2. At least 16 ECTS have been obtained during the last two semesters before the semester, for which the grant is requested.
  3. For students that are parents or disabled, an academic performance of at least 8 ECTS is sufficient.
  4. An adequate academic performance does not exist, if double the legal time of studies has been exceeded.
  5. Exceptions from this regularization exist for:
    1. Newly registered students: Proof of a valid registration for studies is sufficient.
    2. Illness, disability and unpredictable events: If an unpredictable event or a uncontrollable event (e.g. illness) has occured, even low academic performance may be considered adequate under the circumstances.


Special prerequisites

§ 2.

  • The special prerequisite for the grant of sponsorship is that a delay of obtaining the final degree has been caused by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The following circumstances may be identified as causes for a delay of obtaining the final degree:
    1. No opportunity of participation in exams or practicals hosted in presence for students, that had fallen victim to a COVID-19 infection, that had been identified as suspected COVID-19 cases, that have been quarantined, or that may be categorized as high-risk group, whereupon no online alternative for conduction was offered.
    2. No opportunity for participation at presence exams or practicals due to travel restrictions, whereupon no online alternative for conduction was offered.
  • Proof of these circumstances must be produced in suitable form and must be coherently shown credibly.


§ 3.

  • Only one application per person may be submitted – either for summer term 2020 or winter term 2020/21.
  • Applications for the grant may be submitted until 08.04.2021.
  • Applications may only be submitted online via the provided form and will only be processed online.
  • It is mandatory to additionally attach to the submission the following documents:
    1. Confirmation of a valid registration as a student for the semester concerned
    2. Confirmation of sufficient academic performance
    3. Certificate of payment of tuition fees (Bank statement)
    4. A list of all lectures and practicals, which are currently missing and were missing until graduation.

Furthermore, the appropriate documents to certify the points according to § 2 must be attached to the file. This attachment may be composed of the following documents:

  1. Certification of travel restrictions regarding entry
  2. Certification of illness or prescribed quarantine



Process and award of grants

§ 4.

  • Submissions will be processed based on an automated basis.
  • As soon as ÖH Leoben receives the submission, an automated confirmation of receipt will be sent to the student. This serves as proof of transfer.
  • In case of missing documents or unclear information, a single email prompt will be sent to the email address of the student concerned in order to remind them of their duty to submit the missing information or to correct the wrong information. If this resubmission is not done within the timeframe of one week, the request will be declined.
  • Changes of the data in the submission must be communicated immediately to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Support that has been granted based on untruthful, wrong information or other illegal activities, must be reimbursed by the student.
  • A maximum amount of € 726,72 may be given to each person within the frame of this grant, in any case however not more than the amount paid in the form of tuition fees by the student for the respective semester, for which the demand has been submitted.
  • On the basis of submitted certificates and the budgetary means available to the student, the amount transferred to the student may be paid in multiple stages.
  • Submissions will be processed by the Social Department of ÖH Leoben.
  • The decisions over submissions will be made by a selection committee specifically created fort hat purpose. Based on majority of votes, students who have been nominated to receive the grant will be informed via email.
  • There is no legal claim to receive this funding on the basis of this guideline.
  • The financial support will be transferred via a single-time payment. Based on these guidelines, one person may only receive a grant once, meaning that multiple fundings are impossible.

Data privacy

§ 5.

  • In addition to the data privacy regulations mentioned in this document, the general rules of privacy published by ÖH Leoben are valid.
  • All submissions underly a strict obligation of confidentiality. Access to this information is only granted to members of the Social Department of ÖH Leoben, members of the International Department and the Department of Education Politics and the Chairpersons of ÖH Leoben.
  • Given valid reasons, during the processing of submissions, certain persons may gain limited access rights (meaning access to certain requests or certain information). Well-grounded cases are at all events those, in which the support of an additional person is required for the processing of the submission request (e.g. translation or interpretation). Data relevant for the acquisition of additional grants by ÖH Leoben (e.g. contact data, adjustment of grant beneficiaries) may be redirected.

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