Here is a short list of scholarships which may be relevant for you.Don´t hesitate to apply; some scholarships are not utilized to the full potential due to the marginal number of applicants.

State Scholarships

  • The scholarships funded by the State of Austria are not determined just by the awarding of the “Studienbeihilfe.” They also offer financial aid for students who study abroad. There is also a wide variety of other funds available to you.
  • Students who have been employed long term (at least 3 years) have the possibility to apply for the “Selbsterhalterstipendium.”
  • Students who worked long term before  and gave up their work for their studies can apply for the “ESF-Studienabschluss-Stipendium.”
  • For students with children, there are also many different kinds of financial aid offered. One example is the “ESF-Kinderbetreuungskostenzuschuss.”
  • For more information about state-funded scholarships go to:

Scholarships funded by industries:

For talented students of the Montanuniversity, there are many scholarships funded by various industries (Hyperlink:

Scholarships from the Austrian Academy of Sciences:

Scholarships from the Austrian Science Fund

Furthermore, you are able to find many more prizes for students under:

Merit Scholarships for students at the Monatnuniversity:

Scholarships for studying abroad:

OMV Excellence Scholarship

The OMV scholarship for the MSc in Petroleum Engineering supports students by covering various tuition and living costs including a laptop, an exclusive internship and support from your OMV mentor - There is no obligation to pay back. More information:

Scholarships for women studying engineering funded by the OMV:

Prof. Anton Bauer Scholarhip Foundation: