Clothes Exchange Event

To all unloved, dusty clothes: Your rescuing is at hand! The digital clothes exchange event is just around the corner.
Starting today, we are launching a virtual clothes exchange party in collaboration with the Innsbruck-based start-up "uptraded"!

Uptraded offers a exchange platform for swiping, matching and swapping clothes. All students can now exclusively upload their unused clothes to the uptraded app and swipe through their fellow students' clothes. A mutual like creates a fit and you can swap clothes!

Register now with your mobile phone at and join the swap channel "Studis Steiermark" when you register. Uptraded enables students to make fashion sustainable together. The swap platform gives a new lease of life to the numerous wardrobe stalwarts and new favourite pieces can be found.

It's all about win-win situations:

  • You and your swap partners win, because you make each other happy.
  • Your piggy bank wins, because there is no cheaper way to get cool fashion.
  • Our planet wins, because swapping minimises the ecological footprint of fashion

So let's open our wardrobes together and go wiping at!