Nightlife Leoben

Despite the size of the city, Leoben has quite the nightlife. This is a short overview.


Pub o´ Cino

The bar called Pub o´ Cino, nicknamed the Pub, is probably one the most widely known bars in Leoben and is located in the Hauptplatz. With a ridiculous variety of different tasty beers from all over the world, everybody finds something that suits his taste. For saveaholic students, there is also the "Studentenbier" available", which is a "Gösser" served in a bottle costing 2,90 €.


With an elegant and modern ambience, this bar almost seems like a club. It is located at the end of the "Hauptplatz".

Cafe-Bar Bellini

The smooth ambience with a great view over Leoben makes you enjoy your drink even more. Day and night it’s a nice place to meet friends, hang out and party. It is located at the "Hauptplatz."


One of the oldest but not at all boring places to go out for a beer is the "Stehbeisl.”
With all different kinds of Schnaps and 10% discount for students, it is definitely one of the places you should visit in Leoben. It is located at Peter-Tunner Straße 11.

El Martino´s

You can come into El Martino´s either to play darts or have a good cocktail. Each Wednesday, there are special offers for students, and from Tuesday until Thursday, playing darts is free. It is located at Erzherzog-Johann Straße 15.

Sportwetten- Cafe Admiral

For students keen on sports, the Sportwetten- Cafe Admiral is the right place to be. From the German Bundesliga to the European Champions League, all matches are shown live. It is located at the end of the Hauptplatz.


For a coffee with a friend in the early morning till the early morning hours, this cafe is an all-rounder in terms of hanging out with friends. It is also located at the “Hauptplatz.”

Nobelbeisl Habakuk

The Habakuk is a cozy, old-school "Beisl" located at the Kirchenplatz in Leoben. From time to time, book presentations take place here as well as poem readings.

Alte Post

One of Leoben’s classic places is the Alte Post. With a modern inventory and good music, it is always the place to be. It is located right next to the Raiffaisenbank at the Hauptplatz.

Club Passion

On the weekends, the Passion Club opens for all party-motivated people. It’s a place to dance to music varying from Rock&Pop to R&B. It is located at Krottendorferstraße 4.

Tanzbar Bodega

From the classic charts to German country oldies, Tanzbar Bodega is always one of the places where you can dance until dawn. It is located at the Hauptplatz.

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